Established in 1996 by Mr. Prakash and Mrs. Mina Patwardhan, Kamp Star Trails is well known as Patwardhan Farms for the past 15 years. The basic concept was for people to connect to each other without being connected by technology. To have a place for artists to get Inspired and for people to connect with the earth.



Our mission is to make your camping so comfortable that even the elderly could join your adventure along with the children. Providing you great traditional food and authentic "Gawraan Meva" to make your camping experience memorable.


Why Camping?

In this stressful buzzing world, hardly do we get the time to smell the roses as they say. Out-door Camping gets us closer to nature away from the buzz. Fresh Pollution Free Air, The silent sounds in the nature recharges our Soul.


Get Connected!

Come have a face to face chat... sing a song. discover each other. In this technological world come closer as people. have fun, Tell stories around camp fire. Dance. Enjoy The barbecue.